ASSI Projects

Here are a few projects we have worked on at American Speciality Systems, Inc. You will see a variety of products and services that we provide.

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Coating1 This food processor project was a coating project. We took an room, covered the equipment, cleaned, stripped and coated the walls. As you can see coating can make a huge difference in the appearance of your facility.

Coating2 This food processor project was another coating project. Your panels can shine again with only a fraction of the cost that replacing your panels would cost you.

Coca-Cola This beverage company project began with a dock that we enclosed. Walls, roof, dock doors and an enterance into the main building is allowing the company to use these two extra docks all year around. We also built out an office area, that was much needed.

Swaggerty This Swaggerty Sausage project was a start to finish project. We started off with a field and ended up with the a building that has allowed the customer to expand his business.

Other Projects These Other Projects were jobs that we did not have enough pictures for their own gallery.